How Much Space Do Chickens Need?

Managing chickens successfully in a limited area will require some extra forward planning. It will also be more labour intensive than keeping free-range chickens, as the run must be well-maintained to avoid unpleasant odours and the build-up of diseases. With care though, a chicken run can actually become an attractive garden feature – and you’ll […]

How to Use Sand in Chicken Coop

Using Sand as a floor covering in my coops has been one of the BEST decisions I have made in terms of how to properly care for my chickens; open-air coops is the other. The idea was of course not mine, I picked it up from an ebook from the 1919 written by a California […]

How To Treat Coccidiosis?

What is Coccidiosis? Coccidia are a microscopic parasitic organism that infect poultry when ingested by the chicken. The parasites found in the ground or bird feces attaches itself to the lining in the gut, multiplies and becomes an oocyst feeding in the digestive tract which will make it bleed. Once infected it passes the parasites […]

How to Clean and Store Fresh Eggs?

How to Clean and Store Fresh Eggs? Most of the time, in spite of our efforts to provide a nice clean spot for our chickens to deposit the rent in, we’ll get a dirty egg or more. That brings with it the question: to clean or not to clean and if so, what is the […]

Poultry Light Bulbs

One of the most promising applications for agricultural LEDs is the lighting of poultry barns, primarily due to the profound differences in the way that humans and fowl absorb, detect, and react to photons. By exploiting these differences, LED-based technologies and specific LED poultry lighting can lower luminaire cost, increase musculoskeletal development and weight gain, […]

How to diagnose coccidiosis in chickens?

What is coccidiosis? Coccidiosis is an internal parasite, which rapidly multiplies and then damages the lining of the chicken’s intestine. The parasite bloats the intestines and can even take no symptoms before the shock of it’s death comes. How do I prevent it? What are the symptoms? droopiness and listlessness, loss of appetite, loss of […]

All About Minorca Chicken

Minorca Chickens in other words “Red Faced Black Chickens” originated from Spain in 1780s. They are the heaviest chicken breed in Mediterranean region. Minorca Chickens are very good egg layers. They lay about 200 X-large eggs per year. A Minorca cock weights about 3 kg and hen about 2 kg. Minorcas are people-friendly and calm birds but […]

All About Lakenvelder Chicken

Lakenvelder in other words “Shadow on a Sheet” are very beautiful and charming birds. They originated from German border of Holland and came to England in 1902. These kind of chickens are white with black hackles and black tails. They have unique feather. Lakenvelder chickens lay blue eggs and the egg size is medium. They lay about […]