How to diagnose coccidiosis in chickens?

What is coccidiosis? Coccidiosis is an internal parasite, which rapidly multiplies and then damages the lining of the chicken’s intestine. The parasite bloats the intestines and can even take no symptoms before the shock of it’s death comes. How do I prevent it? What are the symptoms? droopiness and listlessness, loss of appetite, loss of […]

All About Minorca Chicken

Minorca Chickens in other words “Red Faced Black Chickens” originated from Spain in 1780s. They are the heaviest chicken breed in Mediterranean region. Minorca Chickens are very good egg layers. They lay about 200 X-large eggs per year. A Minorca cock weights about 3 kg and hen about 2 kg. Minorcas are people-friendly and calm birds but […]

All About Lakenvelder Chicken

Lakenvelder in other words “Shadow on a Sheet” are very beautiful and charming birds. They originated from German border of Holland and came to England in 1902. These kind of chickens are white with black hackles and black tails. They have unique feather. Lakenvelder chickens lay blue eggs and the egg size is medium. They lay about […]

All About Barnevelder Chicken

Barnevelder chickens originated from town of Barneveld, Netherlands. The word Barnevelders means “chicken”. Even if they are dual-purpose birds, they lay good number of eggs. How many eggs do Barnevelder Chickens lay in a year? Barnevelder Chickens lay approximately 190 eggs per year.Their eggs are Large and Brown. Are Barnevelder Chickens aggressive? Barnevelders are really people-friendly birds. They […]

All About Dorking Chicken

Dorking chickens are endangered breed. They originated from Roman Empire and known as one of the oldest breeds of chicken. They are good egglayers. Dorking chickens lay about 3 eggs per week. ( approximately 140 eggs per year ). Their egg color is white and the size is medium. They are kept for both for their […]

All About Ancona Chicken

Ancona chickens originated from Italy / Ancona and they came to England in the 19th century. They are very energetic and lively. Anconas are good egg layers. They lay approximately 180 eggs per year. Their egg size is large and egg color is white. Anconas have yellow skin and yellow and black legs. They can handle cold […]

All About Cornish Chicken

Cornish chickens are meat birds. They originated from the Cornwall in England, United Kingdom. They have short, close-fitting feathers. They also known as Indian Game Chickens. How many eggs do Cornish Chickens lay in a year? Cornish chickens are really poor egg layers. They lay only 80 eggs per year. Their egg color is light brown […]

All About Welsummer Chicken

Welsummer is a village name in Netherlands. Welsummer chickens lay medium size deep brown eggs.The eggs are also speckled. They are lovely and friendly birds. Welsummer chickens are dual-purpose birds.They are average egg layers. They lay 4 eggs per week. (about 175 per year) These chickens are very clever and friendly. The lifespan of a Welsummer […]

All About New Hampshire Chicken

It is actually needed to say that New Hampshire Chickens are derived from Rhode Island Reds. New Hampshires are originally developed in United States of America in the early 1900s. Are New Hampshire Chickens aggressive? New Hampshire chickens are generally calm and people-friendly birds. New Hampshire Chickens like to free range. How many eggs do New Hampshire Chickens […]

All About Faverolles Chicken

Faverolles chickens are originally developed in France at 20th century. Faverolles is a village name in France. Faverolles chickens are famous for their beard. Hens have snowy breasts and fluffy white faces and Roosters are big and marvellous Are Faverolles Chickens aggressive? Faverolles are generally calm and friendly. Faverolles Chicken Egg Size They are good layers […]